01 Corporate Teams

Creation of highly balanced work teams through aprioristic evaluation of the candidates fit in a team, improvement of interpersonal skills and team building (Digital Coaching). SaaS and Mobile platforms. For more information visit TeamFortify.com

02 Sports Teams

Psychological analysis of sports team members. Lace up of new signings before hiring. Work plan and improvements (Football clubs, Basketball, Rugby …). SaaS.

03 Cybersecurity

Kymatio is the analytical platform for cybersecurity that incorporates the human factor into technology to identify potential sources of internal risk. For more information visit Kymatio.com

04 Commercial Intelligence

Purchasing patterns detection based on psychological typologies and sociocultural model.

05 Community & Loyalty

Communities and customer loyalty product. Backend and mobile app.

06 Critical Positions

Study of critical positions according to how users work. Sociograms and diagrams of user nodes, relationship with the rest of the team (hierarchy established) and with company assets (servers, information, apps, network, etc.), with other companies, regulators, suppliers, clients, etc.

07 Team Endurance

Identification of professionals combinations that generates the highest resilience. Teams (Airlines, defence, navigation, …). SaaS.

08 Customized solutions

The combination of our powerful technology, advanced algorithms and psychometric solutions allow us to build modular solutions that adapt to different problems.