Current openings: ML – Machine Learning Specialist

HAP seeks for a Machine learning related area specialist.

We are looking for a full-time ML specialist to work for a fast-growing, innovative product.

We are looking for someone brilliant and intelligent, with experience and expertise.

Someone who loves to stay on touch with new technologies and wants to create a revolutionary product with us.

  • Machine learning related area specialist.
  • Neural networks or deep learning
  • Software development/engineering skills
  • Background in computer architecture and algorithms
  • Experience with performance analysis and optimisation
  • Know how to choose the right type of model for a particular problem having a diverse array of these at their disposal
  • For each model, understand the limitations and assumptions
    – How to tune and improve model performance
    – Use the right metrics to evaluate model accuracy
    – Proven experience working with specialized tools and packages for machine learning such as scikit-learn (Python), Spark ML, R, Mahout and so on.
    – Computer science or statistics background

CS degree or equivalent needed.

We offer 
The freedom to lead our ML product architecture. We expect critical thinking and a problem-solver.
We are focused on code quality, efficiency, readability, scalability, everything to solve our customer needs.
Compensation: €30K – €50K

Please apply here