Current openings: CTO – Chief Technology Officer

HAP seeks for a Chief Technology Officer that leads the area of Engineering.

We are looking for a full-time CTO to work for a fast-growing, innovative product.

We are looking for someone brilliant and intelligent, with experience and expertise.

Someone who loves to stay on touch with new technologies and wants to create a revolutionary product with us.

  • Must have a very hands-on engagement in the design, development and deployment of the entire technology.
  • Must understand the business objectives and vision.
  • Will create a technical execution strategy which is fully in line with this business vision.
  • Product definition: competitive R&D of the project, do technical feasibility analysis and then create a product roadmap after accounting for a phased launch strategy.
  • Create supervise detailed user stories, specs and wireframes.
  • Involved in designing the architecture, make the high level and low level design of the components keeping in mind performance, scalability, modularity and best practice design paradigms.
  • Works with the development team sanitizing the project development plan to ensure that it is reasonable given the development costs and time. Know how resources are allocated and how the development is staged.
  • Works with the product owner to set the *necessary* process around SDLC like continuous integration, release cycles, unit testing, UAT etc.
  • Should look at the whole technology with an ‘engineering eye for detail’ and ensure that the product is 360 degree complete with respect to things like user feedback integrations, analytics/metrics. The platform must have the necessary api’s to log and report data like peak throughput, errors, etc.
  • Work with the Devops to come up with an optimized deployment architecture – single –stack, sharded, master—slave, fail-over etc.
  • Regular study of product owners and user feedback and incorporating the changes back into the pipeline for an iterative product is also the right way to scale the product going forward.
  • Good understanding of network architecture: routers, firewalls, DMZ, VLAN, VPN, etc.
  • Good understanding of enterprise architecture and corporate solutions: user directories (LDAP, AD), identity management, collaboration solutions (shared resources, ofimatic, …), endpoint management, etc.
  • Familiarity with IT operation, management, evolution (ITIL)
  • Familiarity with information security vulnerabilities and risk management.
  • Familiarity with consumer privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Management of the company’s systems.
  • Production control.
  • Installation and certifications.
  • Communication and marketing: represent the company in forums, events and technology fairs.
  • Leading the development of the IT action plan.
  • Manage the relationship with technological advisors.
  • Prepare technical documentation for competitions and grants.
  • Evaluate and contribute new technological approaches to the evolution of products.
  • Responsible for the operation and business continuity.
  • Products testing process.

Proven experience:

  • Working in IT sectors.
  • Designing and implementing complex data models and data analytics.
  • Managing large-scale web and mobile application initiatives.
  • Software architecture.
  • Database management systems.
  • Applications and web standards.
  • Web and Mobile application frameworks.
  • Design and development.
  • Internet protocols.
  • Machine learning.
  • Big Data.

CS degree or equivalent needed.

We offer 
The freedom to lead our product and the big-picture architecture. We expect critical thinking and a problem-solver.
We are focused on code quality, efficiency, readability, scalability, everything to solve our customer needs.
Compensation: €40K – €80K

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